New Journey Step 1: Update Hexo and Hexo Theme

Hello, everybody.

It’s such a long time not to update this blog. Approximately half a year. Time flies quickly, isn’t it?

However, as I wrote in the title, it’s a new journey just get started since I decided to keep writing something. But, first step 1 will be updating this “out-of-date” blog as I already left it for nearly 6 months.

So, firstly I’m going to do is to update the hexo framework.

Here is the procedure which I found:

  1. Change into blog directory with package.json file

    run npm install hexo

  2. Check the version of Hexo

    run hexo version

Original Link:

Secondly, my current hexo theme is Next. So I looked into their github repo, which is

You can easily use git pull to pull out new updates from theme github repo. Easy enough!

That’s it. Hope it will help you figure out when you leave your hexo blog for a long while (like me) and wanna to keep updated with latest codes before you get started your new journey.

See you guys in next article! Hope you all have a good weekend.