Switch from dandyxu.com to dandyxu.me

Hello, everyone.

Since last blog - “New Journey Step 1: Update Hexo and Hexo theme”, again it’s been a while to write any new content right here.

Until Dec.2017, I suddenly found my previous domain name dandyxu.com is expired because I forgot to renew and if I decide to renew it, I have to pay Godaddy extra more. (around 100 euro), which I don’t think it makes any sense although .com domain name is very common and popular. After a couple of days’ thinking, I decide to buy this new domain name - dandyxu.me which is suitable for the purpose of this site.

  1. Project Showcases
  2. A place which I can write and share anything

Following above 2 targets, I literally re-created the entire hexo blog. Doing following changes:

  • Register dandyxu.me in Godaddy
  • Update source code of hexo and update hexo to latest version: 3.4.4 (20 Dec 2017)
  • Update hexo-next theme and rebase with new repo
  • Add next and other themes as git submodules
  • Learn how to manage hexo source code in different devices (tested in my working Win10 laptop and my personal Macbook Pro)
  • Config many features in the next theme

more and more…

Since I only wrote two blogs in 2017, I suppose 2018 will be a good start to run this blog and write, share my knowleges more often. It’s also very good for conclusion and figuring out what I learn and experiece while I’m working.

It’s already too late in the evening so I probably decide to sleep soon. In the next blog, I’d like to describe how I update hexo with new methods and manage source codes in various devices.

Good night!