Spring Festival Journey with Dr.Shu

Day 1: Arrive in London

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Actually I went to St. Paul’s Cathedral back to 2015, my first time to visit London. However, I didn’t go into the builiding because of the lacking of the time. I still remember at that time, we finished exploring the Tate Modern Museum, going across the millennium bridge, then had a nice, Itanlian (or French) style food. I think it’s Burger as I didn’t know so many English or French words, so can’t even order the food.

This time, we booked the tickets and went inside of St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was the tallest building in the London for many years until The Shard and Sky Gardern built up.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t allowed to take photos inside of the main building so there are no photos to show. Here is a photo which I took from outside:

St. Paul's Cathedral Outside

In the cathedral, actually you can climb up to the top. There are three Galleries you can reach. First one is called - “Whispering Gallery”, you need to climb from the ground floor, all the way up, about 257 steps. It was actually built for workers to maintence and fix the dome but it’s open for visitors now. I climbed up and looked down upon - Unreal view from top to the whole ground floor. What a pity I couldn’t take a photo!

After “Whispering Gallery”, about 376 steps up, there is a level called - “Stone Gallery”. From here, actually you can go outside to view the scenes of the central London. Some photos I took from there:

St. Paul's Cathedral Stone Gallery

St. Paul's Cathedral Stone Gallery Bridge

St. Paul's Cathedral Stone Gallery Guide

Another 152 steps up, you will reach the top of the cathedral - “Goldern Gallery”. It’s quick small but the view from there were even better because of the height.

Day 2: East of London

ArcelorMittal Orbit & The Slide

I never went to the east part of London, especailly the CBD along the River Thames. In the early morning, we firstly took the underground to the London Stadium. It was the main area of London Olympic Game back to 2012. Over there, there is a tall sculpture built for the 2012 Olympic Games offering panoramic views & a looping tunnel slide.

East of London on the map:
East of London

ArcelorMittal Orbit & Slide


I brought the GoPro camera and took a very nice video about the Orbit and the Slide. Unfortunately, I have to find a way to insert a video into the hexo blog. Will update the video in the later blog.

Greenwich - ROG

After exploring the Olympic Stadium and ArcelorMittal Orbit, we took the DLR train towards the south, across the river and arrived in Grennwich. The Greenwich is quite famous because of astronomical observatory and Prime Meridian.

ROG - Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Prime Peridian
Prime Peridian


The telescope there reminded me the trip to the Birr Castle in Co. Offaly, Ireland. Inside of Birr Castle, there is a much bigger one over there.

After ROG, we went to National Maritime Museum, which just besides the foot of ROG. Very interesting museum!

A ship in bottle:
Ship in bottle

The different heads of ships:
Head of Ship

In the evening, we went back to the central of London and here are some beautiful photos there:

The tower of London:
Tower of London

The tower castle:
Tower castle

London evening:
London evening

Oringinally I planned to finish all 7 days within one blog. However, I realize it’s too long and sometimes make me very tired of continuing to extending the same blog. So I decide to create several new blogs describing our trip in the rest of days. Believe me, we experienced loads of things, including missing the flight, nearly 3 hours’ congestion in UK motorway etc. I will aslo try to enable the comment feature of the hexo so leave me comments below!

See you in the next blogs!