Watford Junction London - Harry Potter!

Day 3: The Making of Harry Potter - Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Back to 2015, when I first visited London, my friend told me there is a very fantastic Studio for filming Harry Potter, not in London but quite close. As for me, I’m a big fan of Harry Potter, but only for books. I only watched the first Harry Potter movie - “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”.

Last April, I travelled to Edinburgh, where J.K Rowling wrote the manuscript. Here is the famous birthplace of Harry Potter:

The Birthplace of Harry Potter

Back to this year, we knew there are always high demand for the tickets of this studio, so the first thing we did was to book the tickets online. I’d say it’s safe to book prior 2 - 3 months.

The location of the studio is called Watford. It’s not within the London area so you can’t take tube to go there. You have to take the train to get there. Pay attention when you choose the train. There are loads of trains running through Watford but it’s better to choose the shortest time (Well, it’s up to you if you don’t mind staying more time in the train).

We started from Euston Railway Station and took about half an hour to arrive in Watford Junction. Then just at the exit of station, you will find a bus shuttle waiting for you. You only need to show the driver the ticket then they will let you in for free.

Here is the entrance of the studio:
Harry Potter Studio Entrance

There is only one word to describe the whole studio -


I don’t think the plain texts will describe fully, only you yourself explore there will experience this feeling. In order to save time, I just pick up several photos which I suppose the best.

Hogwarts Door:
Hogwarts Door

Gryffindor Uniform:
Gryffindor uniform

Great Hall:
Great Hall

All Wands:
all wands

Dumbledore Office:
Dumbledore office

Gryffindor Common Room:
Gryffindor Common Room

Large Clock:
Large Clock

Diagon Alley:
Diagon Alley

Butter Bear:
Butter Bear

9-3-4 Platform:
9-3-4 Platform

Hogwarts Express:
Hogwarts Express

All designs on the wall:
All designs

Hogwarts Model:
Hogwarts Model

Hogwarts Large Model:
Hogwarts Large Model

Hogwarts Model in the Dark:
Hogwarts Model in the Dark


Oxford Street back in London

Tea Shop in Oxford Street:
Tea shop

Oxford Street Night:
Oxford Street night

Oxford Street night 2

That’s bascially what we explored in our Day 3 trip. In the next article, which would be the Day 4, we would visit to the tallest building in the london - The Shard and very nice local market - The Borough Market. After that, we would leave London and move to our next city - Bath!

So, see you guys in my next article. Welcome to leave the comments below. Have a good night!